OH MY GOD one of our tigers did this (and it isn’t stuck on his head; one of the keepers went in to see if he needed help and he undid this and redid it on his own a few times) but oh my god hE’S PRETENDING TO BE A LION IM GONNA DIE

Oh my mind!:DAmazing!

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No, but the thing is… this is in defense of Spock. Asshole comm officer is going on about how they can’t trust Spock because Vulcans and Romulans are so similar, and Kirk is basically all “shut up or gtfo, that’s my boyfriend you’re trashtalking”

While I’m totally supportive of queer headcanons and subtext and Spock/Kirk and everything, I think this is a little more than just defending his boyf. I think this is a very important constant in Kirk’s character: He does not tolerate prejudice or bigotry. And in the 60’s, to have a white lead male, the captain of a great ship in a sort of “navy,” to have him saying that prejudice will not be tolerated, is a pretty incredible thing. He supports women and people of color and people of all ethnicities. This was during the Cold War, and yet we have a Russian man and a Japanese men as significant, regular characters. We have a Black woman on the bridge. Kirk supports all his crew, no matter their gender or race or ethnicity (or sexuality, we can assume). And that is amazing.


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Why purple?

Time to answer rhetorical questions yo!

Purple is the color of regality, and most of the villains who wear it are either royals, nobility, or very wealthy.  It’s also the strongest wavelength in the rainbow (the next wavelength up is UV which is harmful to humans), and most of the villains are after power of some sort.  Finally, and this really only applies to a few of them, it symbolizes magic and the supernatural, so it makes sense for the witches and sorcerers to wear it.

Now explain why most disney girls start off in blue!

Blue has long been associated with the Virgin Mary’s veil, and so by extension with female purity and virginity!

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